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10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden For Free

Posted by James Tilford on June 24, 2016
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Some would argue that the most important features in a house are the kitchen, living room and the garden. All of which are where home dwellers will spend most of their leisurely time, not to mention the most viewed areas when visitors are expected. As these are the most popular places in a household it’s likely they’ll see their fair share of use; food and drink being spilled in the kitchen, plants being trodden on in the garden and furniture being worn in the living room. This treatment is unjust. These are our homely prized possessions and deserved to be treated as such. It is our duty to keep the garden lush, the kitchen sparkling and the living room clutter free, but we know it can sometimes be difficult.

Keeping up the ever changing home trends is an almost impossible task, which is why it’s best to keep it simple and cheap. As we’ve now entered summer or should I say ‘British summer’ it’s time to dust off those rakes and get working on our gardens. But, wanting your garden to look the best it can be doesn’t come without spending a few pennies, or does it? In our case it doesn’t. With a little help from our friend Tom Nicholas of Me, My Spade and I, we’ve devised a list of 10 ways to improve your garden for nothing.


Mowing The Lawn (the correct way)

Standing as one of the most hated summer chores, if you listen closely father’s across the nation can be heard unanimously groaning at the thought of unloading the lawn mower from the shed. It may seem to be a simple errand, yet, so many gardeners do not mow the lawn well, if not completely wrong. To optimise aesthetics the grass can’t just be short, it should be striped. The striped effect lawn, adds a finesse to the garden that you wouldn’t get from a normal mowing. For this you’ll need a lawn mower with a roller.




If you have a pair of hands, scissors or hedge clippers (all three is preferable) then you need to be pruning your shrubbery. It’s easy to take these plants for granted as they’re usually quite untidy by nature, however with a little elbow grease you can make them an attraction in your garden. Now we’re not expecting you to go to the lengths that some enthusiasts do, with their animal shaped bushes but, a little off the top and side wouldn’t go amiss.



Nothing adds a sense of refinish like paint does. The holy grail in home improvements, paint is also extremely useful in garden renovations. Taking the leftover colour that you have lying around and splashing it on a fence, gate, shed or even deck furniture, will give it that textual layer that it has been screaming for.


Cleaning the Patio

 A fairly self explanatory renovation, yet widely overlooked. By simply scrubbing your patio or using a pressure washer if available, it’ll bring your stoney walkway back to it’s former glory.




It’s a common misconception that decluttering is the same as cleaning, it is very different. In the garden, to declutter is removing the unnecessary objects or things, this could be; dead leaves, old furniture or whatever else may be taking up space. By clearing these unwanted items your garden gains a tidy glow.


Removing Dead or Old Plants

As plants begin to wilt and lose their vibrant colours, it’s the unfortunate sign that they are on their last legs. They deserve a respectful goodbye, so, yank them from the root out of the soil and throw them right into the compost heap. Nothing hinders the look of garden like dead foliage.



With cool summer evenings rolling in, more time is going to spent outside enjoying the refreshing breeze into the late hours of the night. And we can’t be outside in the dark now can we. By hanging a string of christmas lights or other – preferably not coloured – over your patio or decking creates a warm feel, adds a new depth to your garden and illumination during the summer nights.


Layering Plants by Height

Of course creating a flower bed increases the appeal of your garden, but organising it can do so much more. Layering your plants by height can really improve the neatness of your garden, while it may take some effort to dig up and then replant to get this right, it’s very much worth it.



Edging the Lawn

A lesser known hack which can tidy up your lawn immediately. Edging your lawn consists of creating a small edge between the grass and the flowerbeds. The aftermath of a well edged lawn is something to behold.



Weeding flower beds

Your flowerbeds are likely the most beautiful and colourful part of your garden, so why are there disgusting weeds infiltrating the attraction! If you are to do any of the methods on our list, this would probably be the most important. Weeding your garden can easily make the change from terrible to impressive, we know it requires some work, but shows the pride you have in your plants.


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