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101 Home Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

Posted by James Tilford on May 11, 2016
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The fluctuation of property prices is highly dependent on the state of the market at that given time, something homeowners have little to no control over. However, this does not mean you have no control over the rise and fall in price of your own home. You’re in control of your property, you can ensure that it is the absolute best it can be, and what better way to do this than a few home improvements.

Before you start throwing your life savings into hot tubs and swimming pools, a few things need to be considered. Many property owners are under the illusion that all improvements equate to an increase in price but this simply isn’t the case. A lot of the more grandiose changes actually yield a much lower ROI than some of the smaller home improvements. It is for this reason that we – with the help of a few experts – have compiled this collection of home improvements that can add value to your property, though of course, the value added will differ area to area and property to property.

We understand that everyone’s budget is different so we’ve collated improvements for all prices ranges, from absolute peanuts to thousands.

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Zero – £100

£100 – £500

£500 – £1000

£1000 +

Zero – £100


1. Declutter

Most homeowners do not notice the clutter in their own properties, but believe me it’s there. When walking into room, the person should feel the size and space of the room, not cramped and claustrophobic. Elizabeth Dodson, CEO of Homezada, recommends removing excess furniture as this can easily make a room feel more spacious and less crowded.

2. Use neutral colours

As much of a creative soul as you may be, it won’t always help the value of your house. Bright colours can be seen as off putting and sometimes distasteful, which is why Sean Juneja, decor expert and founder of DecorAid, advises using neutral colours when painting and decorating the home.

neutral colours

3. Clean everything!

This may seem like a given, but it’s unbelievable how much value cleanliness and tidiness can add to a home. Ensure to inspect every nook and cranny, inside and out because, as the old saying goes: cleanliness is close to Godliness.

4. Plant a tree

This is more a long game idea as trees don’t exactly grow overnight. Surveys have shown that well-landscaped trees in the garden, can see a 5 to 7 percent increase in property value and will cost you no more than £40 for the truffle, seed, or root of the tree.

5. Prune the garden

A well-manicured garden can leave a viewer speechless, and no, this does not just mean mowing the lawn. Pruning entails cutting all foliage in the garden to a similar length and look until it has the symmetry of art. Luckily, all you need is a pair of hedge clippers, hands, and a can-do attitude.

6. Paint!

This point remains vague and for a good reason, it knows no bounds. A fresh coat of paint can bring life to the most derelict of objects; doors, cupboards, cabinets, staircases, the possibilities are endless. Painting a house inside and out can see a monumental increase in value, with some properties seeing up to £10,000 added. A huge profit and all for the cost of a few paint cans and some hard work.

7. Refurbish the front door

The front door is one of the first things anyone will see of your property, so it’s likely a dingy mess hanging from the hinges will give a bad impression. Refurbishing a door doesn’t take much. With some sanding followed by a lick of paint or varnish, it will look almost brand new. It’s also worthwhile to replace the mechanics on your door i.e. locks. It’s a small cost for something that will transform your home from the outside.

front door

8. Add USB ports to sockets

We’re slowly entering the age where the millennials will be the new home buyers on the block and what do they love more than anything: USB ports for their array of devices. With most homes owning a smart device that can be charged via USB, it only makes sense to make this option readily available. The sockets are a little tricky to install for those with no electrical experience, but can be picked up at around the £10 mark.

9. Hang curtains higher and wider

One of the simplest and most unusual points on the list. Adjusting the curtain rods so your curtains hang higher, wider, and longer allows them to become more prominent, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room. It also makes the room seem larger as it gives the illusion of higher ceilings. Who knew something so small could make such a difference?



10. Replace your shelves with glass shelves

Continuing the classy – or should I say glassy – look. Changing the shelves in your living room and kitchen to glass shelves creates a gleam and glisten in the room that wood cannot. The simple glass sheets can be purchased at less than £15 each, making it quite an inexpensive improvement.

11. Paint garage door

It was mentioned earlier that paint should be used throughout the property and this included the outside too. Realtor Liane Jamason, says: “Painting a garage door can give your property major kerb appeal and a fresh look to a normally dreary part of the home.”

12. Pressure wash driveways and roofs

There are some parts of the home where a sponge and cloth simply will not do. Your roofs and driveways gather dirt that cannot be removed by hand and in these cases it’s time to break out the big jets. Pressure washers can be purchased for less than £100 and hired for around £30. A once over with these machines will give your home’s extremities a clean it has never seen befo45378bafe200959c745b71e3910fe65fre.

13. Add new house numbers to your front door

Can you remember a time where you even thought about the numbers on your door? Owner of Spade and Archer design agency Justin M. Riordan states, ‘they are the first thing your potential buyer will see when looking for your house. If they are well placed, easy to find, and appear to be new, they speak to a general ability to keep a house in good repair. Cost less than £50, return: priceless.’

14. Add mulch or gravel to flowerbeds

If you’re an owner of a flower bed, you’ve probably noticed that the bare dirt can sometimes look quite unappealing, which is why the TheGroundsGuys suggest covering the dirt with gravel or mulch for a more aesthetically pleasing look. They also serve practical purposes, including preventing weeds and slowing evaporation to save water.

15. Change your blinds to Roman shades

Roman shades are quite uncommonly seen in homes but make for a quainter feel than standard blinds. Regular plastic blinds can sometimes seem tacky and cheap but Roman blinds are a great alternative, offering the same functionality with twice the appearance.

roman shades

16. Doll up your light switches

Light switches generally blend into the room and are only there to serve as a means to an end. However, with a new frame and dash of colour, light switches can add to the theme of the room, complementing the décor and representing consistency throughout the house.

light switches

17. New door handles

Similar to light switches door handles are an afterthought upon entering a room, but only if you let them be. Replacing your door handles, – particularly on the front door – with a sleek and stylish counterpart will draw attention to the handle showing the details put into the property.

18. Draft proof your doors

The winters, autumns, springs, and sometimes summers in the UK can be quite chilly, which is why draft proofing doors is so essential. Not only will it help insulate the home, it will also slash heating bills as the warmth will not escape.

19. Dimmers

A great replacement for traditional light switches while offering a functionality that is great in a living and bedroom setting. While normal dimmer switches are quite cheap, you can opt for a wireless dimmer switch as a more luxurious option.

20. LED under cabinet lighting

Lighting sells a home, which is why it should be utilised in places where additional lighting is needed. These small LED lights stick to the bottom of your cabinets and cupboards, illuminating the counter-tops and adding warmth to the kitchen.

under cabinet lighting

21. Get rid of your popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings have never been ‘in’. They were always a simple and cheap option to a ceiling, something which could now be hindering your home’s value. These ceilings can be removed manually and with a lick of paint can look good as new.

22. Framing mirrors

Aside from reflecting the faces of onlooker, a mirror does not have much aesthetic value. This is easily countered by framing the mirrors. Frames can be bought at a few pounds for one and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

23. Radiator covers

Bright white radiators can disturb the colour scheme of a home and while painting over them is an option, they sometimes do not take to the paint. Purchasing a radiator cover is a perfect solution, they allow you to add a piece of furniture which complements your house while covering an eyesore and only sets your back £50.


24. Add shelving to corridors

While home buyers are all about spaciousness, they do not want to see blandness. Having empty corridors and hallways makes the space seem plain and wasted but by simply installing a few shelves, the corridors automatically seem full.

25. Wash the walls

If you’re happy with the colours of your walls and just can’t bring yourself to paint over them, wash them! You’d be surprised by the amount of grime and dirt the walls have accumulated over the years, with a simple wash you can take them back to their glory days.

26. Use darker grout on tiles

Cleanliness is a major selling point on every property, so why not make it easier for yourself? By using a slightly darker grout, the tiles are kept looking fresh and do not have the mouldy look which is so very hard to remove.

27. Add plants to the house

Placing plants on shelves and counters throughout a property immediately makes it more homely, whilst also improving air quality and assisting with breathing. Though there is a limit: your home should not resemble a rainforest!

28. Shine hardwood floors00-refinishing-m

Cleaning hardwood floors is a tough task and not matter how hard you scrub they never seem to have that original shine. Other than refinishing the floors – which is an expensive task – the only option is to use floor polish. This will give your floors that new again shine.

29. Burglar proofing

Safety is always of utmost importance and a potential buyer will want to know they’ll be safe in their own house. Ensure that there are locks on all windows, doors, and sheds. Try and opt for a mortise lock over a deadlock for increased security.

 £100 – £500


30. Liven up light fixtures

The regular hanging bulb has long been a staple in the lighting of homes; it’s just a bit boring now. Substituting a normal fixture with something more vibrant and noticeable can add a layer to the space.

light fixtures

31. Install bookshelves

While throwing up a standalone bookshelf would suffice, installing a built in bookshelf does so much more. A built in bookshelf which hold its own section of a wall in a corridor or living room brings a splash of character to the house.

32. Fit new taps

As taps are used so often, they can sometimes look a little aged with rust marks and water spots. These need to be replaced! By replacing the taps on your baths and sinks with something a little more luxurious you’ll also make the baths and sinks look brand new too.

33. Add simple art

The walls of corridors and living rooms are sometimes neglected and can look dreary. The best way to spruce up these blank canvases is with pieces of simple art. A few portraits hung throughout the home creates a sophistication and worldliness that would otherwise be non-existent.

34. Create space

Space is a virtue of any home and it shouldn’t be accepted that some of the house just isn’t spacious; create the space. As mentioned earlier, removing excess objects is a sure fire way of making space. You can, however, also remove walls. Of course, the consultation of a professional is needed, but many homes bear walls that do nothing except take up space. Removing these will create space you didn’t even know existed in your home.

35. Sprinkler system

For homes with lush green gardens, a sprinkler system is crucial. It saves countless hours that would have been spent watering the grass and countless plants that would have died upon forgetting to water the garden.

36. Improve landscaping

Landscaping both your front and back gardens adds serious value to your property. The landscaping is one of the first things that the potential buyer sees. If this is in poor condition the buyer will notice and it sets the tone for the rest of the property.


37. Decorate your staircase

The staircase is another item that is put to work but rarely made to look pretty, which is odd as it’s very noticeable and takes up a lot of space. With a spray of paint and a few stencils your staircase could be transformed to an extravagant stairwell.


38. Laminate counter-tops

The kitchen counter-top is constantly being hacked at, spilled on, and burnt. Laminating the countertop does not only add a sort of protection from these situations but also a shine to the kitchen.

39. Transform wardrobes

There are endless complaints due to the lack of space in wardrobes and closets, so why not increase the space? It’s very possible in some cases to remove a chunk of the wall where the wardrobe resides to add space. While this is a big job, it usually isn’t too expensive.

closet transformation

40. Improve lighting

Real estate Broker, Daniel Blatman says: “Lighting is one of the most important adjustments you can make for a home. It can make the space feel lighter, more open, dramatic, and adds character. Customers can imagine furniture in the space, but lighting is a skill.”

It is encouraged that lighting be added wherever possible.

41. Remove dead trees

The dead tree that’s slowly and sadly wilting in your garden is decreasing the value of your property. Brad Hines, of the Tree Gentleman, states: “You can raise the value of a home before selling by removing dead trees and threatening limbs.”

42. Incorporate colour to your garden

Green pastures are gorgeous, but with a touch of colour even this can be exceeded. By planting organised flowers and other colourful shrubbery your garden immediately becomes more inviting and visually pleasing. For those with a concrete based gardens, adding colourful garden ornaments which are neat and tasteful could be just what it needs.

43. Add visible storage

Buyer’s want to know that they’ll be able to store all of their things if they purchase a property and while having several internal cupboards, wardrobes etc. is great, they’re not visible. Adding visible storage such as shoe racks, pantries & shelving will show there is plenty of place for storage in the home.

44. Crown moulding on ceilings

Ceilings generally go unnoticed in properties and when noticed don’t leave much of an impression. Crown mouldings bring an artistic look to a room and when added to the rim of any ceiling add a touch of class. The mouldings themselves are inexpensive, however installing them can be difficult and usually requires the help of an expert.

crown moulding

45. Install outside lighting

We’re beginning to develop a bit of a pattern here: good lighting is key and it shouldn’t be contained to the interior. Lighting on a front porch or drive gives the home a welcoming feel, while making the property much more noticeable and safer.

46. Fence the garden

If you do not already have a fence curtaining off your garden, do it! For those who already have fences, investing in larger fences gives the owner a greater sense of security and privacy while in their garden.

47. Restore or replace carpets

Carpets take a beating, they’re being trampled on every single day and are forgotten as the things under our feet. Due to this, they sometimes do not look as good as they should. Replacing a carpet can make a room feel new, especially if it’s a contrasting colour. Replacing the carpet of an entire house will set you back a pretty penny, but for a single room can be easily done for a couple hundred pounds.

48. Baseboards

Similar to crown mouldings, baseboards or skirting boards are found at the bottom of the wall. When skirting boards are refined, painted, varnished and work in conjunction with crown mouldings, the room is given a polished and professional finish.


49. Adding a window seat

There may be an awkward piece of space on the landing of your stairs or by the window in your attic which you’ve never been able to fill. A window seat could be a very good option. The window seat adds a quaint sitting area for three or less people, to laze and gaze out of the window, and could even be used as storage as well.

window seat

50. Vegetable Garden

If you’re still stumped on how to add colour to your garden, this could be the answer you were looking for. A small vegetable patch, placed strategically to avoid taking up too much space, will add a new element to your garden. It also shows that the garden is well tended to and looked after.

51. Front door path

A path of gravel or stepping stones could be exactly what your property needs to increase its kerb appeal and also seems much more inviting.

52. New cabinets

Cabinets are one of a home’s primary storage facilities as well as being one of the main attractions in the kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes living room. The cabinets should not stick out like a sore thumb nor should they be so vanilla they’re not seen, new cabinets which fit the colours of the space and appliances can develop and enhance a room.

53. Chandeliers

Sorry Sia, there’ll be no swinging today. Chandeliers featured in foyers, dining rooms, and some receptions can transport you from a home to palace. There is nothing grander than a beautiful chandelier majestically hanging from above.


54. Architectural potspots

Dina Gibbons, the home design expert at Rubberecycle states “Invest in a couple of great architectural pots that make a statement at your entrance. Add rounded boxwoods or a seasonal planting of ornamental grasses and colourful annuals. Dressing your landscape with these accessories will give it a more luxurious and charming feel.”

 55. Water filter

Installing a water filter to the main tap has huge benefits. First and foremost, the water will be cleared of any chlorine and bacterial contaminants that serves to improve the taste greatly. The water will also be free from any lead ensuring it is safe and healthy to drink. Even with all of these benefits, a quality water filter can be picked up for less than £200.

56 . Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Old fashioned detectors have had it. With the technology now, not only will the alarms sound as a warning, but a text will be sent to your phone notifying you of the detection in your house. Some will even check the quality of the air. As a buyer you’ll want to know the property is properly protected and this one method to ensure that. These devices will cost a few hundred pounds plus installation.


£500 – £1000


57. Steel front door

Replacing front doors with a steel substitute has become all the rage in recent years. This is due to reinforced steel being a much greater form of security than a normal wooden door. Not only that, aesthetically, it makes for a sleek futuristic style.

58. Walk in wardrobe

What could be seen as a modern luxury has become one of the most sought after features in a home. Assuming you’re not looking to install a Kardashian sized wardrobe, you’ll be spending a breezy £1000. However, the sense of luxury that it brings to the property will easily recoup the amount you put into it.


59. Double glaze windows

One of the most well-known features on the list, double glazing can be found on almost all modern houses. Although it is rare that a house will have all its windows double glazed. Double glazing the entire house will cost you thousands and a few windows under a thousand. Properties that have all windows double glazed have been reported to see a 10% rise in value.

60. Floor insulation

In colder climates, such as the UK, floor insulation is a welcome addition. Costing £100 a sheet, with a bit of DIY an entire downstairs could be insulated for under £1000. This will keep the home warm as well as slashing heating bills, a bonus to a potential buyer.

61. Programmable thermostat

As homes now are increasingly technology based, it’s no surprise that the thermostat has moved over to the dark side. Jill Kennedy of GutterSupply has said: “A programmable thermostat makes regulating your home’s temperature easy, not to mention it can help you save in utility bills each year. Plus, when you’re away, at work during the day, or on vacation, you can adjust the temperature to be higher in the summer and cooler in the winter. Then, when you’re on your way home, the thermostat can be programmed to a temperature that will meet your needs when you arrive home. A new thermostat will be more energy-efficient than an old manual thermostat.”

62. Replace windows and frames

Having all windows double glazed is great, but it doesn’t make much of a difference if the windows are dingy and outdated. Replacing windows can drastically change a home from both the outside and inside. From the outside, the window frames should stand out, integrating with the style and theme of the door, boosting kerb appeal. From the inside, the windows should let in natural light to illuminate the room.


63. Redo flooring

The flooring in a house is of utmost importance. If it isn’t quality, the house isn’t quality. Poor flooring should not just be covered by carpets and rugs; this does not solve anything and buyers will notice. Reflooring the entire house is a huge job, but a room or the downstairs is manageable and not as costly. Hardwood flooring is said to have the best ROI.

64. Convert your garage

People have misconstrued the idea of converting a garage to ‘I can convert my garage into whatever I like and it’ll increase the value of the property’, that doesn’t fly. Most people would rather keep the garage than have the home gym or whatever else has been created. The conversion that adds the most value, is into a bedroom. An additional bedroom could add 15% to a property and as you’ll not be changing anything structurally, it can easily be changed back if they so wish.

65. Install home security

Unfortunately we do not live in a land of sunshine and rainbows, people need to be protected! Home security systems have several elements and range in price because of this, however a quality unmonitored system, with alarms and CCTV, can be purchased for under £1000.

66. Add mirrors

The strategic placement of mirrors throughout the property not only allows you to look at yourself wherever you go, it also has several other benefits. In small spaces, adding a mirror strip can make it feel twice as large and placing mirrors near windows allows natural light to spread throughout the room. Mirrors also just make a house feel more glamorous.

67. An island counter

With vast amounts of space in a kitchen there is no better filler than an island counter. Not only do they look great, they add a new seating area, additional storage to the cabinetry, and can also be used to place other kitchen amenities such as a stove.


68. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is decorative panelling that usually starts at the skirting board and works its way up the wall. This is great method of improving a plain walls aesthetics without having to add boring wallpaper or paint.


69. Tiling in bathroom

Changing your bathrooms vinyl or linoleum to tile will do nothing but good. Tiling adds a beauty and gleam to your bathroom that otherwise could not achieved, it also lasts a very long time when maintained properly and is easier to clean. Depending if you’re looking to tile just the floor or the entire room, the expenditure will likely be £600 – £1000.

70. Update plumbing

The plumbing in your property make be working just fine, but, could it be working better? By simply changing a few fixtures, the value of your property is increased. The potential buyer has the reassurance that they will not have to fork out on a plumbing issue for a long while. You can also have energy efficient products installed which will cut down water usage and in turn water bills.

71. Install a fireplace

Installing a fireplace not only adds a decorative element, it also has several practical functions. A fireplace allows you to have eco-friendly heating while having the cosiness and warmth of a campfire. Also, with gas and electric bills on the rise, a fireplace is great way cut some of those pesky costs. While adding a fireplace will set you back around £1000, it has caused value increases of 5%.Throw-in-a-four-poster-bed-along-with-the-fireplace-to-complete-the-exotic-getaway-style

72. Four poster beds

The four poster bed is a staple of any manor house or mansion bedroom and it’s now been making waves in modern properties. In the bedroom, nothing looks more imposing than a four poster bed placed elegantly in the centre.

73. Replace garage door

When arriving at a property one of the most noticeable (and sometimes unnoticeable) features is the garage door so it’s essential that it makes an impression. Connor Roberson of A Plus Garage Doors says: “A garage door replacement can cost as little as £500, but depending on the area, a homeowner may want to invest in a higher quality door. Options are available at every amount, but £1000 will get you a nice door and opener. Depending on what improvements matter to you, that price can increase up to tens of thousands for custom woodwork.”

74. Built in shelving

Additional shelving throughout the home is always a bonus, however it can sometimes get a little cluttered with all the protruding pieces. Built in shelving makes for a tidy alternative. Aside from neatness, this form of shelving gives you a whole new storage facility.

75. A barbecue pit

What summer pastime is greater than a good old fashioned British barbecue? Buying a disposable barbecue pit for a family gathering or party is great for the day, but it doesn’t do too much for the value of your home. Installing a barbecue pit into your garden, however, does a lot. It adds a whole new way of cooking as well as providing a nice hang out area for the summer.

76. Repave the driveway

If we’ve not mentioned it enough yet, kerb appeal is huge! It can sometimes decide whether or not a property is bought, which is why re-paving your driveway is such a good idea. No buyer wants to see a bumpy uneven surface where their car will reside.

77. Under stairs storage

Think Harry Potter. The space under your stairs usually doesn’t have much of a use but it could be used as storage and buyers love little more than storage. This area could be converted into a shoe storage or whatever else needs to be stored. This isn’t a terribly big job but would probably need the consultation of an expert.


£1000 +


78. Framed porch

Many interactions take place on the doorstep of your home. With the installation of a framed porch your doorstep becomes its own private abode. When done well, it could also give your kerb appeal a major boost.

front porch

79. Skylight

Iconic to lofts and attics, the skylight is a glamorised window which peers directly into the sky. Aside from creating a romantic setting, the skylight does a good job of bringing natural light to a room, as well as making the space seem larger. Smaller skylights can be installed for £5000 and yield returns of £40,000!


80. Create off street parking

While this may not be ideal for many as it means sacrificing a chunk of your front garden, it does yield great rewards. Creating off street parking has seen to increase property value by 5%. It is an improvement which could cost £10-20,000 but could yield £50,000 in return.

81. Update wiring

Renewing the wiring in a house is, above all else, a matter of safety, old and broken wires are hazardous to all occupants of the home. However, updating the wiring assures a potential homebuyer that this is something that they will not have to change for a long time.

82. Heated flooring

In the frosty winters of the UK, heated floors have become a must have item. Easily installed, heated flooring allows rooms to be warmed without the heating being on, meaning lower heating bills. There are a few installation methods, with electric and radiant being two; either or will cost at least £75 per square metre.

83. Install patio or decking

Sometimes you just want all the experience of being in the garden with all the comfort of being in the house. Patios and decking are a great supplement to the garden, creating a nice groomed area where the occupants can have the wind in their hair and sit like kings. Either of these options will amount to a few thousand pounds but has been reported to add up to £10,000 in return.


84. Central heating/Air conditioning

In the UK, air conditioning is less of a needed commodity, but can become useful in the summer. Central heating however, is imperative, even in the summer. To install central heating it will cost a minimum of £4000, which will only increase with the size of the property. This may seem quite expensive, but central heating has been said to uplift a home’s value by 5%.

85. Loft conversion

One of the most common home improvements featured, loft conversions have been a go-to improvement for many home DIYers. Costing between £15,000 and £40,000, loft conversions see one of the best ROI, with an announced 20% increase.

86.Additional bathroom

An additional bathroom creates a great amount of convenience for those with large families or those who frequently host guests. Of course the size of the bathroom will cause the price to vary, however on average it will cost £2,500 to £6000. According to a study by Nationwide, an additional bathroom can see a 5% increase in value.

87. Conservatory

This is definitely one of the more significant improvements on the list, as it’s adding a completely new element to your home. Conservatories have become a rather desirable feature on properties, as it’s something that a buyer would rather not spend their time and money doing. Depending on size the cost of a conservatory is around £4000 to £10,000. MarketOracle claims that a conservatory can add a whopping 22% to your properties value.


88. Basement conversion

Bedrooms are the way to a buyer’s heart. The more bedrooms a property has, while remaining spacious, the more value added. Converting your basement isn’t that hard of a job and would only cost around £1000, but you must ensure you have ample storage elsewhere to accommodate this loss of space

89. Solar panels

Judy Lynes of SunPower states: “Installing solar panels can increase your home’s value by an average of 17 percent and the home will sell 20 percent faster.” This is due to the decrease in energy bills caused by solar panels and also by the ‘Go Green’ movement which has gone viral in recent years.

90. Update master bathroom

The master bathroom is in contention for most important room in a house so it should be treated as such. Rusted taps, old toilet seats, dated shower heads are all things that should not be seen in the master bathroom. Instead, the bathroom should breathe modernity, with jet baths, multi-mode showers, and new shower curtains to name a few.

91. Extend

An extension can turn a 3 bedroom house into a 5 bedroom house and a two storey house into a three storey house. Of course, planning permission is needed for all extensions and the actual project will set you back tens of thousands of pounds, but it’s well worth it as it’s been published that “in the right location, £20,000 of building work could add more than £50,000 of property value.”


92. Makeover the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When walking into the kitchen a certain wow factor is expected, through the sleekness, cleanliness, and inviting aspects of the room. However, to achieve this wow, a kitchen remodelling is sometimes needed. As with any remodelling it’s likely to leave a dent in your wallet, but it doesn’t have to. If you focus on the main areas of storage, seating, and functionality, it will have the same effect as a major overhaul.

93. Insulate your attic or roof

Lauren Makk, co-host of FABLife, interior design, home décor, and real estate expert, says: “The only thing worse than throwing your money out the window is watching it escape through the non-existent insulation in your attic. But, with a small investment of adequate insulation you can guarantee that your money, and your heat, stay trapped under your roof…literally!”

94. Tech out your home

20 year veteran in the real estate industry, Mike Clear of AHS has said: “Investing in high tech appliances and home systems can add convenience to your everyday life and add value to your home. Many new appliances and home systems come with Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities, allowing you to type your grocery list on your refrigerator’s tablet and access it through your Evernote account on your smartphone. Thermostats, lights, and security systems for doors and garages are now equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for safety and convenience. Installing a Wi-Fi thermostats, Speed Ovens, and more can not only make your home smarter and greener, but increase ROI considerably.”

95. Repair or redo roofing

A typically under-appreciated part of the house, the roof is your protector from the elements and shows the wear. A sparkling new roof can be seen from streets away and adds some real aesthetic appeal to the property. The cost of redoing an entire roof generally depends on the amount of tiles but be prepared to spend £4000 upwards.

96. Add an extra bedroom

You may have an office or study that is rarely used and generally just stagnates collecting dust, this could be converted into a bedroom! As said before additional bedroom could add 15% to a property.

97. Upgrade appliances

Sarah Fogle of The Ugly Duckling House, says: “A modest investment on upgrades can also provide a good return on the dollar.” Now, upgrading appliances does not mean purchasing the most expensive and latest gear, it simply means replacing your appliances with something newer, better looking, and with slightly more functionality. Stainless steel appliances have been said to offer a sheen that is very sought after by buyers.

98. Add an en-suite

An en-suite bathroom featured in the master bedroom attaches a sense of style, finesse, and poise to the property. If you’re looking for a simple shower/toilet combo the price will amount to a few thousand pounds. However, a more luxurious bathroom will cost anywhere from £20,000 to £40,000. A price most would be willing to pay for a 10% increase in value.


99. Efficient appliances

Diana George founder of the Vault Realty Group states: “I’m noticing a big trend toward energy efficient appliances, i.e. LED lights and tankless water heaters. These products save homeowners money and contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.”

100.Wind Turbine

As the world turns green, properties must follow suit. Small wind turbines can be placed in gardens and produce energy when turning. These machines cut energy bills dramatically and not only this, they enter you into Feed-in Tariffs where you’re paid for the energy you generate even if you don’t use it.

101. Solar water heating

Solar panels were previously mentioned on the list as an energy alternative, however solar panels can also be bought as a substitute to heating. These solar panels produce hot water all year round, while slashing your energy bills and decreasing your carbon footprint.

After all of those changes you should be ready to sell and we can help you out with that. Head on over to our homepage to see if we’re the right agents for you.

Bonus. Door Surrounds

Door surrounds have become the staple of any and all lavish homes. Not only do they add an extra layer to your door, but also to the elusive kerb appeal that every property is looking for.

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