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Top 10 real estate blogs in 2016

Posted by admincastle on April 20, 2016
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While we’re big fans of our own work and think we do a pretty good job over here, we have to give credit where credit is due.

Each of these powerhouses bring a fresh new perspective to the real estate domain, offering insightful advice, rewarding information, and personal analysis. All sites in the list have to be primarily a real estate site, it cannot be a news site which covers real estate. In no particular order, here is our top 10 real estate blogs in 2016.

Realtor.com Blog

Acting chiefly as a portal to connect buyers, sellers, and renters, Realtor have managed to become one of the largest names in real estate news. Based in the US, the majority of their work is targeted toward an American audience but they also produce awesome content for the international readers.


A site with content so good, they’ve starting charging for it. Inman is your go to source if you want to stay on top of the ever changing property market; they offer their two cents on everything from real estate tech to mortgages. While there is subscription for their full service, it’s worth every penny.

RIS Media

No fluff, just facts. If you’re looking for articles with straight to the point information, RIS Media is the place for you. Having both print and online publications, you’re never too far from some of their work.


The first Brit on our list, providing the real estate enthusiasts of the United Kingdom their daily news fix. PropertyWeek originated as a magazine and then took the internet by storm, creating an in depth news site covering every aspect of real estate.chapel-hill-real-estate-news


The major selling point of this online publication is their global coverage. PropertyWire have created a platform with dedicated sections for each corner of the globe, with each continent having its own unique and informative news.

Trulia Blog

Though they offer a very similar service to Realtor, Trulia too have managed to double up as an extensive news site. Adding a quirky spin to the traditional real estate news, Trulia not only cover current events but several other, less traditional musings.


Priding themselves in being the ‘older sister’ of real estate blogs, RealtyTimes provide advice not only to those looking to buy and sell but also to the experts. This blog presents advice to agents, brokers and investors alike, with content written by the experts for the experts.

Zillow Blog

A name that has become synonymous with real estate in the US. Zillow are a real estate and rental marketplace, that also happens to be a top notch real estate blog. While they do cover the news, Zillow seem to push the more entertaining pieces to the front page of their site.

Rightmove blog

If you’re at all involved in real estate in the United Kingdom, you know Rightmove. Rightmove are the largest property listing site in the UK, but what most don’t know is that they also write. The property blog featured on the Rightmove site covers everything from housing trends to celebrity homes.


A real estate blog with an emphasis on investing. BiggerPockets provide tools and resources to enhance real estate knowledge not only for the experts but for everyone.

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