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Top 5 TV & Movie Real Estate Agents

Posted by James Tilford on July 20, 2016
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The entertainment industry has portrayed every job or position under the sun. From the hit men to the herbalists, the detectives to the dentists. Practically every role has been covered by our fun-loving actors. Even real estate agents have seen their fair share of reenactments on our big and small screens (or should we just say Netflix), from the conniving & deceitful suits to the caring salesmen, these agents are scattered all over our viewing pleasures.

Though a lot less popular than the ‘secret’ variety of agents, real estate agents have still managed to squeeze their way into our entertainment lives evoking all types of emotion. Okay, I lied. The typical real estate agent character does not have much depth and is usually around for a cheap laugh, but this does not mean there aren’t a few gems in the mix.

As the representation of our beloved business isn’t what it should be, we’ll take what we can get! We’re counting down our top 5 real estate agent characters from TV and movies. We’ve based our line up purely on enjoyability, no other criteria.

In no particular order, here are our top 5 TV real estate agents.

Phil Dunphy

One of the many loveable fathers from Modern Family, Phil is the kindhearted head of the Dunphy household. Known for this cheesy wisecracks and somewhat inappropriate mannerisms, Phil is a quality real estate agent. He can be seen showing his entrepreneurial prowess as a self employed realtor, hosting open houses and closing a number of sales during the shows progression. For a while he was the sole breadwinner in the household and made it look easy.



Vic Vinegar and Hugh Honey

Yes, I know. We didn’t mention double acts being included in this piece but these guys come as a package. While this isn’t the actual career of these two characters and was only a short stint in the Always Sunny in Philadelphia series, it was not to be missed. Mac and Dennis, decided to try their hand at real estate, taking on the roles of two experienced realtors. Lucky for our viewing appetites, they decided to go with a good realtor, bad realtor routine. What ensued was nothing less than magnificent.


Carolyn Burnham

Though an unfaithful wife to a suffering Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) in American Beauty, Carolyn still made for a great real estate agent. An absolute perfectionist, Carolyn exemplifies her obsessive nature through her work; cleanliness rituals prior to house viewings, repeated mantras of “she’s going to sell that house today” and the constant berating of herself when unsuccessful. As we all are, Mrs. Burnham is severely insecure and while she is not the most likeable nor good person in this flick, feeling sympathy towards her is inevitable.



Peter Klaven

“Peter Klaven! L.A’s hottest realtor!” Paul Rudd plays the hilariously pathetic Peter Klaven in the warming comedy I Love You, Man. The movie is centred around Peter in his quest for friendship, with the sub plot explaining his struggle of selling Lou Ferrigno’s (The Hulk!) fine piece of real estate. Though Peter is a tryer, he’s a mediocre real estate agent at best, it is only when he befriends marketing wizard and amateur guitarist Sydney does he find his long awaited success as a realtor.



Ricky Roma

From the iconic and star-studded Glengarry Glen Ross set in the gruelling offices of real estate, Ricky Roma (played by the great Al Pacino) is the best real estate salesmen in town. His methods may seem… questionable, but he get’s results. As a cut throat real estate agent, Ricky approaches clients that seem insecure and vulnerable, then cleverly lulls them into a false sense of security with his long but beautiful pitches. Before they know it, they’ve bought a house.

Al Pacino Glengarry Glen Ross

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